Monday, September 28, 2009

Homecoming Game!

We went to the first Utah game of the season.  Before the game we met up with the entire Russon clan for a little tailgating. I made cupcakes (I always bring the dessert). I like the way the Utah red and white turned out, but I couldn't resist putting one BYU cupcake in the mix (then I don't feel like such a trader). Let's just say, the die hard Russon Utah fans were NOT pleased!

The game was great. We won by a lot, but it wasn't as exciting as a close game. Luckily we sat right in the first row of the second level of seating, because this was Ben's spot the entire game. He only sat down for maybe twenty minutes the entire game, while I bribed him with a snowie. Which means I only sat down for twenty minutes the whole game! 

Bentley made lots of friends. He went around giving everyone near us high fives. The group of guys in front of the railing loved him. Bentley would tap there arms to get their attention and then give high fives, until I'm sure they were slightly annoyed. 

I had to take him out of the stadium a few times to run around and get some energy out. He was overall pretty good, but we've decided that we are NOT going to take him to another game. He's just too busy, and I really didn't get to sit and enjoy the game. We wish the family was near to babysit. Oh well, soon though!

The boys enjoyed the game however very much.  

It was a fun night though. Go Utes!

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