Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cooper's Second Birthday

Bentley was invited to his first little friend birthday party. He even helped pick out the present, well, sorta. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it was a cute little golf club set. Ben held in it his lap in the cart all around the store. James asked why I didn't get Ben one too, so I guess I gotta go back and get one for him. 

It was a cowboy themed party, and Cyndi (Cooper's mom), did a great job. She got all the kids little cowboy vests and bandannas and Ben wore his the whole party and after we got home he didn't want to take it off. 

Cyndi's sister played some fun games with the kids. The first game was a relay race, which didn't turn out like she planned. They would either all run at once, or not run at all. Ben, Wells, and Cooper (birthday boy in the overalls) enjoyed playing in the barrel of dirt that marked the end of the relay course. 

Bentley also sat in the kinda circle during the "cowboy, cowboy, indian" game (like duck, duck, goose). I just told the kids not to pick him. 

On the car ride home we tried to keep all of the kids up. Because in case you didn't know, sometimes even when babies are really tired, if they fall asleep in the car for even a short amount of time, they get a power nap, and don't want to fall asleep when you finally get them home. The only one that was successful at keeping her child up was Brooke. Ben still took a great nap for me when we got home, so it all worked out!

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