Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!

You're probably thinking a little late for school to be out, right. Well James took summer school so that he could completely finish up by the end of the year. It was a tough semester (well term really). Most people take one, maybe two summer classes, but James took four (that's how much we want to get back to Cali). Well, at least that's how much I want to get back. James on the other hand isn't as anxious, because as he put it, "that's when real responsibility begins." I guess he didn't get the memo that he has a wife and child! Ha, ha. 

After having only two weeks off, he has been taking classes four days a week, with tests every two to three weeks. It hasn't been too crazy, because luckily teachers in the summer cut out all of the busy work, until this last week. Finals week! Finals are always stressful, and especially so when you realize that you have to spit out the information that your teachers have been cramming into your brain at four times the speed of normal classes. James was feeling pretty overwhelmed at first, but with a little bit of help from me (the flash card maker), and some help from his boss (the time off giver) he pulled it off. 

And he feels like he did great! Now three weeks to relax until Fall. We decided we are going to get in as much family fun time as we can. Starting with... (stay tuned for next post). 

Congratulations hunny, Ben and I are proud of you! One more semester!


  1. Yay! What a relief! We are excited for you guys. Thanks for the invite to the blog, I didn't know you had one! We will be watching, and reading! :)

  2. Julie, I LOVE the blog! Can't wait to keep up with you in cyberspace!