Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing Eva!

Ben's newest playmate and my new job. They are so fun together, and it's hardly work at all. I have pictures that I'll post later, but here's a movie showing just how funny these two are going to be! 

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  1. Hello again!!!

    I wish I could say I was coming again this fall for photoshoots for you but I will be having a baby instead haha! I don't think I will be back to Utah for more photo shoots until next summer.

    Some possible photographers you could look at though (their price ranges will be different and probably more than myself but I would consider them good quality)are: (love her style but pricey) (again pretty pricey but really good)

    Anyway I hope that helps you out somewhat!! I think the first one I listed would be your most inexpensive one.