Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Got A J*O*B!!!

I have been looking for a job since before I graduated in April. At first I was looking for a "real" job. We were going to rearrange James' school schedule so that he could stay home with Ben. Eventually I realized that I would really love to nanny again. I have always babysat and nannied for the sweetest little girl Addy back in California. So I joined three nanny websites and have been applying for jobs for the last few months. I didn't really have much luck, until a week ago, when all of a sudden I had two interviews set up for the same day. 

One of the interviews was with a Julie G. (funny, I know), and it was for after school care for her nine and eleven-year-old daughters. I got that job. BUT, the other interview was with Liz to watch her fourteen-month-old little girl, Eva. I really wanted that job, because I was excited for Ben to have a little friend. I ended up getting that job TOO. Feast or famine, right? So regrettably I told Julie G. that I was offered another job with better hours. 

Now I get to work with Ben by my side, and James gets to cut back at his work. I can't wait to start on Monday, I think that Ben and Eva are going to be great friends! Stay tuned for our adventures in babysitting!

If you are looking for a nanny job, here are some sites that you can join and set up your own profile and search for families in your area: 

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