Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun With Friends

Bentley is getting more and more interested in other kids. Mostly he plays with two of my neighbor's boys, Chase and Isaac, who are both three. He enjoys watching them play. They don't always want him participating in their play, they tell me, "he's too little." I think they got that from me, because I tell them "he's too little" to understand certain things, or not to do things, like... knock over their sand castle. But they are really nice to him, most of the time. Ben is a people watcher, so he doesn't mine watching from the sidelines sometimes. He was watching Chase and Isaac swim the other day, until they splashed him pretty bad and he had a mini meltdown... and was outta there. He doesn't like sprinklers or being splashed. 

There is another little boy in our court, Boston, who is only four months older than Ben. We should play with him more. 

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