Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Husband and His Aunt are the BEST!

It all started with this email from my husband to his Aunt Staci

Hey Auntie
How's it going, I saw the pics of the house for Tom's birthday and it looked amazing! I can't wait to see it in person. So I'm not sure if you think you can help me with this, but I thought I'd check. I'm trying to suprise Julie, she's been saying she doesn't feel pretty or stylish, and I've been trying to think of a way I can reward her for getting a new job. So I thought I'd ask you if you had any clothes you were on the verge of recycling, that I could suprise Julie with, please nothing new, but maybe anything you won't wear anymore that she could wear in the fall/winter. So if you can't think of anything that's totally cool and I'm sure I can think of something else, but let me know. 
Thanks, Love you

And her reply

Too cute. Yes I am sure I have stuff. She is just smaller (much) than me-but I will rummage through and pull stuff together for her. Also-I have a ton of Amex points that I can exchange for gift cards at a few stores banana republic and I think J Crew, that you can give her to go shopping. It takes awhile to process-but I will start it and get you a good amonut that you can send her on a shopping spree. I will keep you posted on my stuff and gc's. 

I know the feeling of needed a pick-me up! Nice of you to think of something so sincere. I will be happy to help. 


I cannot believe my husband did this for me, and I cannot BELIEVE how generous Staci is. I love you both! 

The gift cards arrived in the mail a couple days ago, so James is taking Ben and I up to beautiful Park City to the Banana Republic Factory Store and the Gap Outlet, so I can stretch my gift card money. I also signed up for both of their newsletters, so received two, 20% a single item coupons, and two, 15% off my entire purchase coupons. I'm going to make every dollar count Staci. I'm looking for good basic pieces and fun pieces that I can layer with. 

I'll post my wonderful findings later. See yah . . . I'm going SHOPPING!       and 

here I come!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. that is SOOO fun and nice!!! You always look great, Julie! I can hardly wait to see what you come home with!